My Great Grandfather, Leo Sawesky, was a Ukrainian immigrant who came to Canada after WW1. He married Ivy Shilling in 1923 at the age of 24. Their daughter, Blanche Sawesky (my Nana), was born in 1925, followed by their son, James in 1934. Leo and his family lived in the Woodbine and Danforth Ave. neighbourhood of Toronto. Leo’s profession was as a Window Washer, for businesses up and down the Danforth.

The desire to be a window cleaner skipped several generations, but became my calling in 2009; I love what I do and know that Leo did as well.

It is special to know that when Leo passed in 1983, his wooden extension ladders were a unique item that, upon sale, generated extensive revenue for his wife & family. Below you will see pictures of Leo and my Nana, Blanche, with the wooden ladders in the background.

Leo is the inspiration for my business, Jacob’s Crystal-Clear Window Cleaning, and I know he is watching me and applauding my success!